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Every Individual Wants to live a Peaceful life with a Beautiful Family and Beautiful Home. if you want to live a Peaceful life then you have to build your dream home in a Peaceful and Convenient location like Chennai,Tamil Nadu. The feel of living in our own house,The Premium house is truly a great feeling! That's why the demand for Premium builders in chennai never fades away. A lot of People starts choosing to live In a Premium apartment in Anna nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Advantages of living in a Premium apartment in a perfect location


The apartments are equipped with a state of the art security. its considered as a part of 'PREMIUM' that is offered for consumers to experience. the well being of residents is a necessity to provide a high level of  safety and peace of mind for the residents. in order to achieve this, the entrance gate is managed by security staff to make sure that no one-aside from the residents is allowed to enter the premises without any required knowledge provided to staff. These luxury apartments maintain a high level of safety standards at all times.

Communal Living

A close-knit residential community helps create close friendships and connections. With the increase in the number of nuclear families, the gated colonies in Gurugram fill the need gap and help residents develop long-term friendships. The vivacious way of life provided offers immense opportunities to socialise and make friends. The close proximity of premium apartment living also enhances the possibility of creating immutable connections.

Invest in the right technology

It is important to understand that technology has taken every space, including real estate. you will be surprised to know that it has made activities like rent collection, communications between the landlord and the tenants easy to follow.

Can i Invest in Real Estate in India ?

According to Real estate Experts, it's a Big yes to invest in the real estate sector in the next two years and everyone is optimistic about the future of the real estate industry in the country and look forward to brighter days


Anna Nagar is the First and the only township in chennai to follow a standard addressing system followed in the western world. One of the primary landmarks in Anna nagar Tower,built in 1968 as part of the world trade fair.other important locations incl;ude the anna arch,thirumangalam junction and aquahomes-architects & engineers


Aqua Homes provide client with the very best service in all aspects of constructions, throughout our journey. We aim to be at the forefront and to provide tailored, innovative solutions that fit our client’s individual property and situations to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. The best interest of our clients will always come first and we will place the clients concerns ahead of our own in each and every transaction, as we are dedicated to development of long- term client relationships.